The final word in the definition of Nerd and Geek


Kat Hannaford at Gizmodo wants to take the words Geek and Nerd back.

I agree, everybody who uses a computer claims to be a Geek now which is a bit tiresome since most are just morons trying to not to be morons (but hey at least theyre trying). So heres the definition Ive been going by for the last few years on what is a geek and what is a nerd.

Nerd = Somebody who goes to Star Trek conventions in full Klingon regalia and/or Spock Ears. May also be a WoW addict or other shut-in. Japanophile versions refer to themselves as Otaku thinking its a compliment or Japanese for Geek (see below).

Geek = Somebody who goes to E3 and tech conventions. Builds computers for nerds and morons. May also program their own apps and software. Usually pompous and feign exasperation when asked to help fix computers although its what they live for.

Moron = Person who thinks the internet was invented sometime around 2000 by Google. Refers to a computer tower as the Hard Drive. May be a Facebook or twitter addict but simple html is a foreign concept. May own an iPhone or other smartphone but only because its trendy, they need a geek to help them get it working.

Kats post was inspired by a story that David Anderegg a professor at Bennington College says that the words Nerd and Geek should be avoided saying that theyre akin to racial epithets.

I couldnt disagree with him more, for one thing its not that big of a deal, I mean saying that nerd is on par with the n-bomb?! Even in the 80s when being a nerd guaranteed an atomic wedgie or a beating by jocks it wasnt as bad as spewing racial hatred.

Id equally consider myself Nerd, Geek, and Moron depending on the situation and circumstance (although I aim for Geek). I dont think that the problem is in calling a person a nerd, I think the problem is in thinking that that person is ONLY a nerd.

Maybe if we took the time to get to know them a bit more wed see thats just one facet of who they are, and maybe even learn why being a nerd, dressing up and going to a sci-fi conventions isnt always a bad thing.

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